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Now Introducing...Smuthy!

Fully-blended marketing and public relations solutions for all businesses.

Not too sweet. Not too heavy. Perfect on the go, or working through the lunch hour. A lot of the good stuff, some of the healthy stuff, all in one perfect cup. That's a smoothie.

And it's a lot like us. We're Smuthy. All the stuff you need, blending just for you.

Marketing is a fundamental pillar for every business, big or small. But we realize not all organizations have access to experienced full-time staff or acclaimed large-scale agencies. That's where we come in. Smuthy offers a full menu of marketing and public relations services in one place at an affordable cost.

From brand builds to website launches, strategy projects to copywriting, social media content to advertising campaigns (and everything in between), Smuthy is here to help.

We're flexible, so you can be, too. We believe in your business, and our fresh-squeezed solutions will help reach your goals.

Be sure to keep updated on all things Smuthy through our What's Blending? page.

And let us know your thoughts, ideas or ways we can help from our Contact form.


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